Math HS Summary of Alignment & Usability

The instructional materials reviewed for HMH Into AGA meet expectations for Alignment to the CCSSM. The materials meet expectations for Focus and Coherence as they show strengths in: attending to the full intent of the mathematical content for all students; spending the majority of time on content widely applicable as prerequisites; engaging students in mathematics at a level of sophistication appropriate to high school; making meaningful connections in a single course and throughout the series; and explicitly identifying and building on knowledge from Grades 6-8 to the high school standards. The materials meet expectations for Rigor and Mathematical Practices as they meet expectations for Rigor and Balance and meet expectations for Practice-Content Connections. Within Rigor and Balance, the materials provide students opportunities for developing each of the three aspects of Rigor and balance the three aspects of Rigor, and within Practice-Content Connections, the materials intentionally develop all of the eight mathematical practices.